Barbe Bleue

Bluebeard, The Musical (for young audiences)
At the Sudden Theater in Paris

This musical  adaptation revisits the classic children's story. The concept is "Laugh at what frightens you".

Bluebeard is rich, old, dirty, ugly, ridiculous, wicked and... bearded. His electric blue beard drives away all the villagers. Or maybe is it the mystery that hangs around him that terrorizes everyone ... What happened to his seven wives, who have all disappeared without a trace?

It's hard to find a new wife when you're weighed down by such a big secret, isn't it?

But now a new family has just moved near the castle. Pushed into it by her sister Anne, a bitter old maid, the beautiful young Georgine  agrees to marry the big ugly man. Fortunately Sam, Bluebeard's valet, will be there to save her.

Authors: Ida Gordon and Aurélien Berda
Performers: Axel Beaumont / Olivier Denizet (Sat), Germain Fontenaille / Jonathan Kharat (Bluebeard), Julie Desmet / Vanessa Seydoux (Anne), Claire Baradat / Daphne Rabas (Georgine)

Director: André Nerman.

Music: Edward Auslender

What people had to say...

"The character of Bluebeard is now at the heart of a children's musical and the adaptation is quite successful. Naturally, in order to protect the younger audience members, the tale has been somewhat watered down. Along with Bluebeard, we discover the other characters in the story: the naive and passive Georgine, her greedy sister Anne who is terribly manipulative, and Sam, the Lord’s handyman, who leads us through the adventure. The story is treated with enough humor to entertain the parents and the joyful songs are well integrated into the narrative. The energy of the actors, including Carolina Pallares in the role of sister Anne, creates a lot of interactivity, and the children, caught up in the intrigue,  call out their warnings to Georgine or cheer on Sam… But their reactions are also due to the fear they feel ... and that they enjoy, for it is a rather rare emotion in children's theater. But the children who quickly find themselves on the laps of their parents seaking reassurance, enjoy the show just as much as the more adventurous children, and they all have a wonderful time. "
Regard en Coulisse